Professional Copywriter

                                                        Item Fee 
Sales brochure

  • Standard (3-panel/2-fold, 8.5x11 folded).  [$500-$2,000]
  • 4-panel (11x17 folded).  [$1,000-$3,500]

Sell Sheet/Flyer

  • 1- or 2-sided sheet, depending on complexity and value.  [$500-$1,500] 

Case Study

  • Up to 2 pages with a customer success story, showcasing benefits of your product and or service. Short customer testimonials including facts and statistics.  [$1,500-$2,000] 

White Paper or Special Report

  • Fee depends on length and the extent of research and interviews.  [$1,500-$7,500] 

Press Release

  • Fee depends on the extent of research and interviews involved. [$500-$1,000]

Article or Advertorial

  • From scratch. [$500-$1,200]
  • Editing a draft, depending on amount of editing.  [$150-$500] 

Displays, posters, other in-store or booth signage (each item).  [$400-$1,000] 

Postcard or self-mailer. [$400-$1,200]

Direct-Mail Package to generate leads

  • Includes a 2-4 page sales letter, reply card, and envelope teaser.  [$1,500-$3,500] 

Direct-Mail Package to generate orders for a product or service  

  • Simple package: 1-3 page sales letter, order form, envelope teaser, brochure.  [$1,500-$4,500+]
  • Complex package: 4-10 page letter, order form, envelope teaser, brochure.  [$3,000-$7,500+] 

Print Advertisment

  • Half to full page.  [$1,200-$3,000]
  • Quarter page and smaller.  [$300-$600]

Web Content/Online Copywriting/Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO and sales content planning and writing for each specific web page.
  • Includes keyword research, planning and optimizing.
  • Weaving strategic SEO keywords into messages will drive more traffic, boost click rates, and increase leads or sales. [$300-$800] per page. 
  • SEO and sales copy rewrite of product descriptions.  [$75-$200] (Per product).
  • Revise SEO and web sales copy to improve search rankings and increase purchases.  [$1,000-$2,000+]
  • Single focused landing page or conversion page for a specific promotion, product, or audience. Ideally part of a strategic campaign that includes email (see email section below).   [$600-$2,000+]

E-newsletter Strategy and Setup  

  • Developing the voice, style, topics, topics calendar, and setup with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or other automated email service. [Includes one-time graphic design fee for e-newsletter header or template design.  [$3,000-$10,000]

Individual Email Promo, E-newsletter Issue

  • Includes discussing topic, doing research, and or interview(s), writing content. (formatting in your email platform is extra).
  • Per single-topic email  [$250-$500]
  • Per e-newsletter issue  [$400-$800+]

Web Content Audit (aka Site Audit)

  • Complete web content and SEO review, including a recommendations report. [$1,000-$3,500+]

Blog Post or Online Article

  • Includes discussing topic, doing research and or interview(s), copywriting. depending on length and complexity. per post  [$100-$800]  


 Social Media
• Set up Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) [$ 500 per network]
• Post, monitor & manage feeds and the community. (1-2 hours per day, 5 days a week)  [$1,500/month]
• Manage advertising campaigns on Facebook pages. [$500]

Video Script for Website or DVD Production
•  [$200] per scripted minute.   

Broadcast Script
• Radio ad (15 to 30-second spot) [$500-$1,000]
• Television commercial script (30-second spot) [$1,000]

Marketing Strategy, Guidance, Training, Project Management, Other
• Discovery to understand your product/service, competition, positioning [$250-$500]
• Strategy: recommendations, marketing planning [$150/hour]
• On-site meetings [$1,500/day plus travel and lodging]
• Training-in-house staff on copywriting/content skills [$2,500] 
• Other Project Management [$150/hour]